It’s here! It’s here! My amazing cover for my next book, THE BLOOD BETWEEN US! Those awesome peeps over at Epic Reads unleashed the fabulous into the world just a moment a ago (including a personal letter from yours truly), but I wanted to make sure you Minions got to see it.

Growing up, Adrien and his sister, Grace, competed viciously for everything. It wasn’t easy being the adopted sibling, but Adrien tried to get along; it was Grace who didn’t want anything to do with him. When their scientist parents died in a terrible lab fire, there was nothing left to hold them together.

After years apart, Adrien and Grace are now forced to reunite for their senior year, at the elite boarding school where their parents were teachers...

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Event Rescheduled!

MAJOR UPDATE ABOUT my @novelneighbor event TONIGHT! Event rescheduled because of weather craziness, but TOMORROW at 4pm we will SPOIL YOU ROTTEN to make up for it, Minions!

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THIRD STRIKE Now Available for Pre-Order!

Greetings, Minions! I hope your summer is as dark and gloomy and spooky as it can be, what with all the sunshine happening. Here’s a little something to perk you up, in case that little black rain cloud that hovers perpetually over the Minion Horde as we cackle in delight isn’t sparking with as much lightning as it usually does. (WOW. THE SENTENCE WAS VERY LONG.)

The third and final book in The Slayer Chronicles (THIRD STRIKE) is now available for pre-order! It’s headed your way this February 20, 2014, but you can pre-order it now HERE.

The description, to whet your palette:

In the final book of THE SLAYER CHRONICLES trilogy, Slayer Joss McMillan is assigned to his hometown to track down and take out a murderous vampire...

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Cover and Title Reveal for Slayer Chronicles, Book #3!

Minions, you’ve been so patient – far more patient, I might add, than your Auntie Heather is normally capable of. So very patient! But your patience is about to pay off. I have the cover art for the third (and final) Slayer book. And the title. And I’m going to share them with you now. And then I will implode from the awesomeness. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

The title for Slayer #3 is THIRD STRIKE! And here’s the fab cover:

But there’s more! I’m going to share a peek at the prologue with you right now! (Before you ask, I still don’t know the official release date, but should soon) For now…here’s a glimpse at what’s waiting for you (and Joss!) in THIRD STRIKE:


Em carefully lifted the teapot from its place on the doily and poured t...

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