My Next Book, INTO THE REAL!

INTO THE REAL hits stores October 6, 2020!

What’s it about?

“Three Quinns. Three realities. Three Brumes.

The first Brume is a waking nightmare, overrun by literal monsters and cutthroat survivors. For Quinn, who is openly genderqueer, the only silver lining is their friendship with Lia—and the hope that there might still be a safe place somewhere else in the world.

The second Brume is a prison with no bars. Forced to “sort out” their sexuality with other teens at Camp Redemption, Quinn must also figure out why presenting as female has never felt quite right.

The third Brume is a warzone. For Quinn, who presents as male, leading the Resistance against an authoritarian government is hard, since even the Resistance might not accept them if they knew Quinn’s truth.

As Quinn starts to ...

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New Book Announcement!

Greetings, Minions! I have some exciting stuff to share with you. On October 6, 2020 my next book will debut! It’ll be my thirteenth published book, which is crazy awesome, because, as many of you know, thirteen is my lucky number (my husband was born on Friday the 13th, we were married on Friday the 13th…). The title of the book is INTO THE REAL, and it’s unlike any book I’ve ever written before. I can’t share the cover or details just yet, but I’ll be doing that in just two weeks!

For now, why don’t you head on over and pre-order this bad boy. To make it easier on you, here are some links where you can pre-order it: IndieBound, HarperCollins, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.

Be sure to watch for my book cover announcement in two weeks! For now…how excited are you for October 6th???

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Come Play With Me On YouTube, Minions!

Greetings, Minions! I know I haven’t updated my website in a loooong time, but I’m making a promise to myself and you all to be better about that this year. I’ve also created a new YouTube channel! So subscribe, like, and ring the bell for notifications, because we’re going to talk about all sorts of stuff – writing and publishing included. So grab your lil skull blanks and prepare to continue our quest for world domination. Because it’s happening’, yo.

Love you all!


Pibling Z

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