Join the Minion Horde Discord!


Also! As soon as you join, please introduce yourself in the introduce-yourself channel and familiarize yourself with The Rules in the-rules channel.

The Minion Horde Discord server is the safest place on the internet – only friendly banter and fun here. Join us!

(also…we’re totally “not” a cult…)

(no, really)

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Join Me Every Saturday LIVE, Minions!

Every Saturday, Minions join me on my YouTube channel for discussions on various topics and sometimes read-alouds (Read-alouds take place every other Saturday and cannot be saved on my channel due to copyright reasons, so catch those live or miss out!).

Come hang out with your Pibling and fellow Minions! We’ll be waiting with your non-cult robes and plenty of zebra cakes…

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Attention: Minion Horde!

Unfortunately, today’s YouTube Livestream Read-Aloud and Minion Horde Hangout has been cancelled, as Pibling Z isn’t feeling well. But (assuming Pibling Z will be feeling well again by then) next Friday, things will continue as normal. Until then, please let any of your fellow Minions know what’s going on, nibble on your zebra cakes, and remember…Pibling Z loves you.

Livestream Schedule:
Every Friday and Saturday
1pm EST, Noon CDT, 11am MT, 10am PST

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