I Sold a Book! Let’s Talk About It.

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So if you’ve been paying attention at all (and it’s 100% fine if you don’t – trust me; there are plenty of days when I don’t feel like paying attention to myself one bit), you may have heard that I have a new series debuting next fall (2024). It’s called THE CHRONICLES OF VIKTOR VALENTINE and yes, it takes place in the same world as THE CHRONICLES OF VLADIMIR TOD and THE SLAYER CHRONICLES. But, like, apart from the announcement that we’re going back to Elysia, I haven’t really spoken much about the book/series and what it’s going to feature. So why don’t I do that now?

First off, I sold the first two books of this series back in September of 2021, and I’ve been DYING to talk about it ever since...

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Great Review for My Next Anthology!

Greetings, Minions! I’m so unbelievably thrilled to share with you the latest review for OUT THERE: INTO THE QUEER NEW YONDER – headed your way this July! So many incredible authors in this collection. Be sure to pre-order your copy now!

I’m currently hard at work on something new that’s going to blow your minds (I hope). I can’t really talk about it yet, but be assured that I have some pretty amazing news for you all and the moment I can share it, I will.

But for now, check out Kirkus’s review!

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Let’s Face It…

This pandemic has screwed up SO MUCH for all of us. It would be a shame if it screwed up our holiday gift shopping as well. Indie bookstores are asking that people place their holiday orders as early as possible, just to make sure they arrive on time, which is a fangtastic idea! So, if you’re stuck for what to give a loved one this holiday season, here’s a handy guide for my books.








Now…back to Halloween!

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