Join the Minion Horde Discord!

(click image to go there)

Also! As soon as you join, please introduce yourself in the introduce-yourself channel and familiarize yourself with The Rules in the-rules channel.

The Minion Horde Discord server is the safest place on the internet – only friendly banter and fun here. Join us!

(also…we’re totally “not” a cult…)

(no, really)

3 comments to Join the Minion Horde Discord!

  • frankie

    hiya z! none of the links i can find for the discord work at all! this one especially as it just opens the image in a new tab when you click it! D: would you be able to post a permanent link somewhere that won’t expire?

  • Tamara0191Fline

    Hi all!

  • Sameer

    Same! I think this link might be an image, but a discord chat sounds really awesome!


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