“Hey Z! I’ve got a question for you…”

Where can I learn more about you?

Both here and on my Bio page.

Can I send you fan mail?

At this current point in time, I’m not really set up to receive fan mail. Sorry! But I’m readily available on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube so hop on over and say hi! (No…you don’t really have to hop. You can just click.)

What’s a “Minion”? Can I become one?

You’re already a Minion! In fact, a Minion is anyone who is or might be even mildly interested in my books. Collectively, you’re the Minion Horde. Our goal is simple: to be positive ripples in the pond of life. Oh, and also, world domination (because world domination).

Where/when can I meet you?

Any public appearances I schedule are immediately posted on my Appearances page. Check it often!

Can you help me with my author biography homework?

I’ve received many letters in the past inquiring about this, so let’s see if I can give you the basics. I was born on September 21, 1973 in Lapeer, Michigan. I grew up in a small town called Columbiaville, Michigan, but have lived in several places in that state, as well as in Colorado, Mississippi, Nebraska, Utah, and Missouri. I currently reside in Southern Illinois with my husband, one of my two children, and three very spoiled cats (Fang, Smudge, and Alonso). I attended three colleges, but have no degrees, but for a high school diploma. My favorite colors are black, black, black, and purple. My blood type is A+, but I practically bleed Starbucks.

I’m often asked for further details about certain aspects of my personal life, but for several reasons, I usually don’t respond to those questions. I very rarely respond to DMs and personal emails. Your best shot at getting info for that project is honestly here. Side note: I’m so, so sorry your teacher assigned you this!

Are you going to write more Vlad books? What are you writing now?

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod concluded with the fifth and final book in the series, Twelfth Grade Kills. I have no current plans to continue the series. However, those wanting more stories from that world should check out its companion series, The Slayer Chronicles.

To learn what I’m currently working on, you should totally stalk me on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, as I usually talk about things like that on there.

Will there be a Vlad movie? What about movies of your other books? Can I be in the movie?

Currently, there is no movie of any of my books in the works, but one can always hope. If one day there is one, I’ll announce it on social media so you can try out for a part, if the movie-makers tell me the details of how/where/when to do so.

Will you sign my book if I mail it to you?

I used to do this, but it quickly became overwhelming, so no. I cannot sign and ship back any books/items sent to me. Sorry! If you’re interested in purchasing a signed book, please contact Main Street Books.

Why haven’t you emailed me back?

There was a time when I prided myself on the fact that I would answer every email I’d receive, but that was many years ago. Sadly, there are just not enough hours in the day anymore, so those questions that can be answered by the FAQ are read, but not replied to. I need time to devote to my writing, after all. But I do appreciate each and every email I receive.

How do I become an author?

First step: you read.

Second step: you write.

Further details on this subject are explored on my YouTube channel.

What if I have a question you haven’t answered here?

Then you contact me on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, and wait patiently while I get back to you.