Cover and Title Reveal for Slayer Chronicles, Book #3!

Minions, you’ve been so patient – far more patient, I might add, than your Auntie Heather is normally capable of. So very patient! But your patience is about to pay off. I have the cover art for the third (and final) Slayer book. And the title. And I’m going to share them with you now. And then I will implode from the awesomeness. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

The title for Slayer #3 is THIRD STRIKE! And here’s the fab cover:

But there’s more! I’m going to share a peek at the prologue with you right now! (Before you ask, I still don’t know the official release date, but should soon) For now…here’s a glimpse at what’s waiting for you (and Joss!) in THIRD STRIKE:


Em carefully lifted the teapot from its place on the doily and poured the steaming blood into two ornate china cups. The color of the burgundy blood against the white of the china was bold and interesting, Em noted. Not like the color of blood soaked into a rug or spattered against the curtains. Perhaps it was the purity of both things, blood and china, she thought, that appealed to her in such a comforting way.

One cup had been placed in front of Em, and the other in front of her guest, who sat in the shadowed quiet of Em’s parlor. Em offered her guest some sugar, but she politely declined. Em plopped three cubes into her cup, marveling at the crystallized sugar cubes as they melted away into the blood, and sat back with a sigh, content to blow the steam from her cup of AB negative—something an old friend had once described to her as the champagne of blood types.

“How exactly will you arrange for him to be alone?” The girl’s words were softly spoken, and Em couldn’t help but wonder whether or not she was up to the task. After all, it wasn’t as if this boy, this Slayer called Joss McMillan, were someone easily disregarded. He was skilled. A dangerous quality for any human with a blood thirst for vampires. He had to be dealt with, and quickly. Em just hoped that she wasn’t choosing poorly by sending this girl to do him in. Though her advantage was obvious, she was still young.

Very young, in comparison to her youthful-looking host.

Em sipped from her cup, and as she returned it to its saucer on the table, she dabbed at her lips with a napkin before placing the napkin in her lap. Not many were subjected to this old-world side of Em—the ladylike grace and appreciation of finer things. Not many often saw beyond her youthful appearance of wild colored hair and gothic-style clothing. Few had ever been invited into her parlor, but here she was, with this girl, debating whether or not the girl had what it takes to face an enemy of skill. She was very new to vampire life, as it were. Young, naive, and certainly not well trained. Em wondered if she should have just killed Joss herself, but the thought passed quickly through her mind before it disappeared once again. No. This was the right killer for Joss—the girl had a reluctant hunger inside of her to take the boy’s life. And the boy clearly had a reluctance in him to face her. Hunting him down herself was a recipe for disaster, in Em’s eyes. Em didn’t hunt down the majority of those who have wronged her. She had people for that. People like this promising new protégée. “Everything’s been arranged. Have you been in recent contact with your drudge?”

The girl picked up her cup at last and took a healthy drink, wincing as she burned her tongue. She nodded as she bit into a thin wafer cookie in an effort to soothe her mouth. Through a mouthful of cookie, she said, “I have. My drudge stands at the ready to assist me.”

Em wrinkled her nose at the girl’s lack of manners. Truth be told, she’d killed kings and queens for less. But she liked this girl, this newborn vampire, for reasons that she could not yet identify. And so she let the girl live. For now, anyway. “I trust you know what will happen to you both if you fail to take the young Slayer’s life?”

Her hands strangely steady, her voice oddly confident, the girl looked at Em and said with a tone that conveyed that she was well aware of what was at stake here, “If I don’t kill Joss, you’ll kill us both.”

“Wrong.” Em’s lips curled into a cruel, sadistic smile. “If you fail in your task, I won’t just kill you both. I’ll obliterate your remains and lick your blood from my walls.”

There was a pause—a distinct one—before the girl responded. But when she did, her voice sounded just as confident, just as driven as Em had been hoping it would. She returned her cup to its saucer and reached for another cookie. As the sweet treat reached her lips, she smiled in a way that mirrored Em. “Don’t worry. I’m looking forward to taking Joss’s life away. He deserves it for what he did to me.”

Em released a breath in a soft sigh, settling back in her chair, satisfied. Her eyes moved casually over the walls of her suite. “That’s good to hear, young one. Because I rather do like this wallpaper. It would be a shame to have to replace it.”